All the detailed
of the DNC Box

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only one box for the whole company

  • Plug & Play
  • Easy to install
  • Information display
  • TCP / IP connection
  • Extremely durable case
  • Works with Heidenhain, Fanuc, Fidia, Fagor, Roders, Haas, Siemens, etc.

Hardware DNC Box

Machine park
all machines listed

  • Which part is working (name of the program).
  • See the main page for important information about your machines.
  • Machine status: Working, Stop, No Communication
  • Percentage of Feed, Speed and Rapid
  • Controller information
  • View history summary

DNC Box - Home

using charts

  • See in detail everything that just happened in a particular machine.
  • You can track all the information from the first day the dncbox was installed.
  • Export all the information to Excel
  • You can access all this information through other software using the API.

DNC Box - Histórico

define time/€ accurately

  • Find out how much time was spent on a given mold or part.
  • Simple search using the mold or part reference.
  • Automatic calculation of the costs of the selected references.
  • Export all the information to Excel

DNC Box - Custeio


  • New machines can be added.
  • Changing IP Addresses.
  • Change time between requests.
  • Change access passwords.
  • Change language, currency, etc.

DNC Box - Configurações

Application programming interface

  • DNC Box is prepared to share data with other software through an API.

Programming services

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